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Our Pastor and His Wife


Charles and Dale Hughes are from Orlando, Florida. Charles was born in Orlando and Dale in New Hampshire. They have two sons, Charles III (wife Kristen) and Samuel (wife Kaitlin) and have three grandchildren: Oliver, Emily and Samuel II, whom they enjoy very much. Both of their sons are serving in church ministry. Charles and Dale come to TICOS having served three churches. They were the founding pastoral couple for a church in New Hampshire and served two churches in Florida. Charles was also a regional leader of the C&MA churches for the state of Florida. They are delighted to serve as the pastoral couple for TICOS.

The Hughes’ have a deep conviction that the church is empowered and led by the Holy Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ. They enjoy meeting people from new places and being a part of a community who care for one another and for the city in which they live. Charles and Dale enjoy reading, listening to music, walking, hiking and an occasional game of basketball.



Arsène and Anne have been married for over 20 years, they have two children, Arnaud and Agathe.
Anne took him for the first time to TICOS in December 2014, he was touched by the praises, the presence of God and the whole community. Following the prayers of his wife, his children and many people in the church, he gave his heart to the Lord 4 months later.

Very soon he got involved in the organization of activities and events. Therefore, he created the Event Team.
He also coordinates the Hospitality Team with Ruth in order to warmly welcome people at our Sunday morning services.

David is a Colombian guy who happens to live in Strasbourg with his French-Venezuelan wife, Diana, they have three local (Alsatian) boys, Noah, Theo and the little Gaël.  They are part of Ticos since a long time.

David likes to handle the finances of the Church, so he is the Treasurer, and in his spare time he works in a bank. He also helps in the sound team. When he’s got some free time, he likes playing with his boys, photography and he does enjoy to talk about everything to anybody who is around him.

Council Member &
Church Treasurer

Elder &
Council President

Vincent is originally from Thann, south of Alsace. He is married to Myriam and  they are the happy parents of 4 children.

In 1999, the whole family moved abroad without knowing that it was going to be a long and great adventure (in Czech Republic, China and Hong Kong). In July 2015, they returned to Strasbourg, with a mixed feeling of being back home and being strangers in their own country. They were thrilled to discover TICOS. They enjoyed its multicultural, dynamic and friendly atmosphere and immediately called it “home”. They love to see how God unites people from different cultures, languages and continents.

In his spare time, Vincent is keen on hiking, jogging, playing the guitar or reading a wide variety of books. He also enjoys watching a good game of any sport on TV. Vincent is one of the elders at TICOS and the President of the Council. He is also the Worship Team leader.

Agnès is part of the TICOS family since 2010. She’s especially active with the worship team, and the welcoming.
She’s a healthcare professional, and works as radiographer in interventional cardiology, at the NHC of Strasbourg.
She’s also involved in the french branch of Healthcare Christian Fellowship International.
She traveled a lot, and  enjoyed meeting other christians, especially fellow healthcare workers.
She likes welcoming people at her home, listening to their stories and their experiences. Her hobbies: reading (a lot!!!), singing, walking as well in town as in the nature. Also cooking, handicraft…
Agnès Haenel

Council Member

F. Kempf

Elder &
Council Member

François Kempf was born in Alsace and is married to Cherry who is British. They have four married daughters and four grandchildren, waiting for more to come! Before retiring François worked for Open Doors, a mission supporting the suffering Church, and has kept strong links with them.

He is an Elder at TICOS, as well as being a member of the Council. His church activities are varied and he has a particular concern for the running of the church and for us to remain Christ-centered. He also leads a French-speaking Bible study for men. He likes history and travelling.


Romain is originally from Franche-Comté. He arrived in Strasbourg in 2010 and has never left. He and his wife Edwige immediately got hooked on Trinity Church: the authenticity, the family spirit, the multicultural aspect that allows to focus on Jesus beyond all cultural differences and forms.

He is an elder and a member of the board. He is also part of the prayer & care team.

Romain works in the field of health, he likes to get to know people from all walks of life and share in depth.

He is the father of three children who fill their home with life.

Romain Kolly

Romain KOLLY
Elder & Council member


Council Secretary

Emmy has two daughters and two granddaughters. She works for a large American distributor of research equipment.
Her studies in sociology and ethnology lead her to enjoy documentaries and social debates.

A member of TICOS for the past ten years, Emmy enjoys hearing the word in English, which she also reads in German. Meeting Christians from all over the world brings her renewed joy.

Finally, Emmy likes travelling far a lot, but she especially loves the Swiss Alps.

Deshan SANDANAYAKE is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is a year-1 doctoral student in NeutrinoPhysics at the University of Strasbourg.
He is happily married to his wife, Nayomi. Being apart of the TICOS family for around 3 years, he is sincerely thankful to the Lord for the amazing grace that led him to find wonderful and heartily welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ, in a land far away from home.
Deshan is very fond of traveling and discovering new faces and places, and he believes he is in the right place to achieve that. He prefers hiking in Les
Vosges of Alsace, discovering European history, architecture, food, culture, and lifestyles – and taking a lot of photos of them!
Currently, he is a member of the TICOS Council, a member of the TICOS University Students’ Lifegroup, as well as a member of the TICOS Media team. He is grateful for the Lord’s mercy & grace in his life.

Council member

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